Motion – Sea angling strategy group

| September 16, 2009

S3M-04834 Bill Wilson (West of Scotland) (Scottish National Party):

Update :: Amendment by Robin Harper (Lothians) (Scottish Green Party):

S3M-04834 Bill Wilson (West of Scotland) (Scottish National Party): Welcoming Sea Angling Strategy Group

That the Parliament notes the estimate in the Scottish Government’s recent report, Economic Impact of Recreational Sea Angling in Scotland, that sea angling is as significant to the Scottish economy as all forms of freshwater angling combined, contributing almost £141 million annually and sustaining 3,148 jobs; further notes, however, concerns expressed by the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN) that sea angling is in serious decline due to historically poor fisheries management and practices, with the Clyde now being described as a monoculture fishery, and welcomes the SSACN vision for Scottish sea angling and agrees with it that, if stocks were to be regenerated and sustainably managed, sea angling could provide a major growth opportunity for many fragile coastal economies, and therefore applauds the Scottish Government’s support for a recreational sea angling strategy group.

S3M-04834.1 Robin Harper (Lothians) (Scottish Green Party): Welcoming Sea Angling Strategy Group— As an amendment to motion S3M-4834 in the name of Bill Wilson (Welcoming Sea Angling Strategy Group), insert at end “, and recognises the significant contribution that sea anglers can make to inshore fisheries research on the basis of the painstakingly recorded figures that they have accumulated on catches of a wide variety of fish around Scotland’s coasts over the years, and calls on the Scottish Government to recognise the Sea Anglers’ Conservation Network as a statutory consultee in the run up to the proposed Marine (Scotland) Bill and all further regulatory developments in relation to activities in Scotland’s waters and to include it as a full member of the Inshore Fisheries Groups.

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