MPAs are part of a sustainable rural Scotland

mpa sacsMarine Protected Areas (MPAs) have come under some heavy fire from some fishing representatives for potentially “devastating” socio-economic impacts, but we contend MPAs will help to recover our seas and boost the resilience of coastal communities in Scotland. A lot of people around rural Scotland, including many progressive Scottish fishermen, agree: by looking after our marine environment, MPAs can be part of a rural and coastal revival.

This is according to an article published here and of course a statement which is fully supported by SSACN.

These MPAs were designated in 2014 but interference by the mobile commercial sector means there is still no comprehensive fisheries management (except for emergency measures in South Arran and Wester Ross), which means that fishing fleets continue to fish within those parts of our inshore waters with chronic consequences for vital seabed habitats, nursery  areas and spawning grounds.

It is essential the Scottish Government remain true to the objectives of MPAs and develop the necessary legislation to introduce fisheries management which is truly fit for purpose and is not just a reflection of the desired outcomes of commercial interests.

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