Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy

windmillSectoral Marine Plans for Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy

Start date 24/07/2013 – End date 13/11/2013

The Scottish Government has implemented a system of Sectoral Marine Planning for Offshore Renewable Energy.

Sectoral Marine Plans provide a framework for sustainable development of commercial scale offshore renewable energy developments in Scottish Waters out to 200 nautical miles. The Plans will explore how offshore wind, wave and tidal energy can contribute to the Scottish Government’s ambitions of achieving a low carbon economy and sustainable economic growth.

The Draft Plans identify options for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy developments.

The options proposed are the culmination of a planning process which has considered the available marine resource, and potential environmental and socio-economic impacts, to determine the most appropriate locations for future developments.

This consultation will seek views on the Draft Plans(and associated Sustainability Appraisal)

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