Open Invitation to Clyde Anglers – Wed 9th July

logoPlease see below an invitation from the Ayr Sea Angling Club for a meeting of Clyde Anglers to discuss the next steps towards having our voices heard over the Clyde and what should be done going forward:


Further to the presentation night Ayr Sea Angling Club had with SIFT & SSACN I write with an update and invite to a follow up meeting ….

The SIFT & SSACN presentation night was well attended with a mix between Ayr Sea Angling Club members, Ardrossan Sea Angling Club members, other sea anglers not in a club, commercial trawler men, the chairman of the Clyde Fisherman’s Association and a couple of chaps from the game fishing sector.

SIFT started with a general overview on their organisation before running through their proposed Regulating order for the Clyde and finishing with a presentation on the “Revive The Clyde” campaign that they have just recently launched. There was some good debate during the presentation which let anglers and the commercials discuss points as they come up. There was too much for me to note here but please click the link below and their website on the Revive The Clyde campaign by following this link … ( Have a look at the “FISH & CLIPS’ tab at the top of the page …… funny – but serious !! )

Summary of last meeting.

Please have a read through the site and have your say if you feel like it …………… they are looking for sea anglers support (which in essence I don’t see why we shouldn’t) although SIFT did say that they are a few months away from having their Regulating Order ready which will then go through two rounds of public consultations ahead of presenting this to the government ( whoever that may be !! )

The guys from SIFT will come back and give a more detailed presentation on the Regulating Order when they have this written up …. Likely to be sometime in the late Autumn. More info on what they are up to can be found at

Please find attached meeting notes that SIFT took of their presentation / discussions …. It was clear that the commercial sector are very concerned about their future in the Clyde. I personally found some of their reasoning for no fish in the Clyde to be clutching at straws at best — you will see from the notes in the attachment what they put forward as some reasons for no fish in the Clyde —————– nothing to eat for the fish in the Clyde ! lack of plankton !! ………… White fish eat the very prawns and langoustines that they also said were doing well ?? They didn’t seem to get the fact that they caught all of the fish and now dredge the hell out of what’s left.

SSACN gave a general update on their activities ….. again there was some good debate. More info on SSACN activities can be found at or

The commercial fisherman had left the meeting and the anglers had a good old blether ……… as time was running a bit late all agreed that it would be good to meet up again so I have arranged a meeting on Wednesday 9th July at 19.30 at the Carlton Hotel. There was general agreement that us sea anglers should meet up, air our views and opinions and look at forming a working group to pull together what sea anglers want from the Clyde. There was even thoughts that we should meet the commercial sector which I believe we should do …….. there is also a need for engagement with the game fishermen ………… all of this can be discussed at the meeting.

Just to be clear —- This meeting is specifically for sea anglers ………… hope you can make it along.



Chairman Ayr Sea Angling Club

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