Opportunity to influence management of NWIFCA

NWIFCAPeople interested in influencing the management of inshore fisheries around the North West of England are being encouraged to apply to join the regions’ inshore fisheries and conservation authority (IFCA).

The IFCAs, of which there are 10 around the English coastline, are responsible for the sustainable management of sea fisheries within 6 nautical miles from shore. They have the power to make byelaws to protect resources and the environment in their area as well as also enforcing national and European fisheries legislation.

North Western IFCA is looking to recruit an individual with expertise in marine environment.

David Abbott, Head of Marine Compliance for the Marine Management Organisation which is carrying out the recruitment said “This is an excellent opportunity for experienced people in the inshore marine area to use their skills to influence decisions on how their local area is managed.”

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