Outreach Programme

Welcome to the SSACN Outreach Programme.

You do not need any special knowledge to take part - the aim of the Programme is that you should have fun while learning - and all are welcome.

The Programme consists of 4 Project Modules which comprise ‘classroom’ based sessions and a number of outdoor activities including marine environment related games and puzzles, inter-tidal zone ‘treasure hunts’ and rock-pooling where the everyone looks for shark egg-cases, crabs, anemones and other marine animals to give an introduction to the marine environment; drop nets and basic sea angling equipment is also available for those who want to get even more involved.

The Programme is delivered through a series of Outreach Hubs which are Community Groups of various types who have been through the SSACN Outreach Programme training; SSACN also organise a series of day events.











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Outreach Flashing is where a group of us simply turn up at a location and begin drop netting and basic rod / line fishing; any inquisitive passerby is then encouraged to join in and have a go – results to date are very encouraging.

If you are interested in developing a SSACN Hub in your area or you’d like to come along to an Outreach Event, or would like to take part in Outreach Flashing, just use the following ‘Contact Us’ facility and one of the team will get back to you.

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