Petition calls for wider regulation

x-defaultSalmon & Trout Conservation Scotland [S&TCS] has today, 18th January 2016, launched an online petition calling for statutory tighter regulation of salmon farms to protect wild salmon and sea trout.

The public petition – Protecting wild salmonids from sea lice from Scottish salmon farms –  which is hosted at this link on the Scottish Parliament’s website, requests the Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to strengthen the legislative and regulatory control of marine fish farms in order to protect wild salmon and sea trout.

This action follows S&TCS’s recent publication of a detailed report into the control of sea lice on fish farms in Scotland over the last two years. This highlights the gravity of the problem with sea lice – and the need for urgent action from the Scottish Government to protect wild salmon and sea trout populations in the west Highlands and Islands that are already in trouble.

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