Professional commercial fishermen ?

mpa1According to the CFA Facebook page when referring to COAST they say  “ we have always remained professional …. will remain respectful of their opinions,  whilst not agreeing with them.”

After the events of the other day at Holyrood, it would seem that the CFA are not willing to extend that attitude and approach to other groups.

Members of SSACN and other groups held a peaceable, respectful and silent counter demonstration, however, they  were subject to verbal abuse, being sworn at and had eggs thrown at them – if that was not enough, several of the commercial fishing demonstrators made a point of approaching some of the ladies present and ‘giving them the eye’ and calling them f’ing tree huggers.

Though the leadership of the CFA may claim different, that’s the real level of respect commercial fishermen have for anyone who disagrees with them.

As has been widely reported by the TV, radio and press elsewhere, when they decided to let off a smoke canister, presumably with the intent of it affecting the counter demonstrators from SSACN and other groups, they really got their own back !



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