2016 Time to think again

Has Scottish sea angling a future ?

In 2011, we asked a number of people across a broad range of interests to select any aspect of the state of Scotland’s marine environment, fish stocks, sea angling, conservation etc. and give us their views. They can be found here.

We hoped that they would provide readers with some (new) insights, provoke some alternative thinking or just simply show you how sea angling has a part to play in delivering a greener, fairer, wealthier, healthier and inclusive Scotland.

Now 5 years on we have once more asked a wide range of contributors to provide a series of articles which we hope will cause you to think about the near-shore the marine environment, the challenges and opportunities for Scottish sea angling and its long term potential.

In 2011, we summarized the Scottish sea angling position as heading towards terminal decline, have things changed at all ?

Please read on and let us know your thoughts by using the contact form at the end of this page.

The Contributors

Changes in the past 5 yearsSSACN ArticleMarine spatial planningDavid Adams McGilp
Selected QuotesSSACN ArticleMPAs and sea-anglingDr J Thorburn
The Scottish Government’s view of fisheriesRichard Lochhead MSPImpacts of MPAs on the EcosystemDr J Thorburn
Engaging with local communities and groups Noel HawkinsMPA Consultation – A combative or collaborative process? Dr S Campbell
Lessons learnt on linesSarah BrownThe MPA process and salmon aquaculture Dr S Campbell
Marine tourism in ScotlandStuart McMillan MSPAm I right to be optimistic ? Ian Burrett
Travels with my rod II Phill WilliamsSharks….. we need them Esther Jacobs Overbeeke
Is this our last year fishing in Scotland ?Mark G EganScottish Sharks & Cod Selfies Dr L Smith

At this point we would like to point out that as we fully expected the depleted state of the Clyde was likely to be one of the issues raised, the Clyde Fishermen’s Association was invited contribute - unfortunately no submission was received.

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