Marine Strategy Forum

The Marine Strategy Forum was established in July 2009 with the overall aim of providing a strategic focus to ensure alignment and agreement of priorities and activities for integrated marine and coastal stewardship and to provide advice to Scottish Ministers on Marine Scotland’s key strategies and business planning.

The diverse membership of the Forum brings together the perspectives of numerous marine interests, allowing for cross sector collaboration and integrated advice on marine issues and priorities at a strategic level.

Membership includes marine leisure, conservation, aquaculture, fishing, transport, industry and public bodies.

The role of Members is to :

  1. Provide a cooperative base for an integrated strategic approach to the management, use and protection of Scotland’s seas and coasts by using cross sector awareness and collaboration on marine issues.
  2. Provide advice to Scottish Ministers on Marine Scotland’s priorities, key strategic policies and framework documentation to balance competing marine interests.
  3. Advise on Scottish input to the UK Marine Policy Statement and other significant policies at a UK level, supporting an integrated contribution by Scottish Government to the UK process.


A marine vision document ‘Making the most of Scotland’s Seas: turning our marine vision into reality’ has been produced and published and will act as a backcloth to collective efforts towards achieving the government’s strategic aims for Scotland’s marine and coastal environments.


The Marine Scotland Strategic Plan 2010-13 sets out the direction of travel and key approaches for Marine Scotland, set in the context of the Vision document.

Meeting Minutes :

The Forum meets three times per annum or as necessary.

First Meeting - Edinburgh - August 25, 2020
Second Meeting - Edinburgh - January 18, 2021
Third Meeting - Edinburgh - April 28, 2021
Fourth Meeting - Edinburgh - August 16, 2020
Fifth Meeting - Edinburgh - January 14, 2011
Sixth Meeting - Edinburgh - March 18, 2021 - Communications Paper