Sea Angling Feasibility Study

Sea angling is a healthy outdoor activity within the local and visitor recreation and tourism markets which delivers tremendous social and economic benefit to communities. It has very low entry barriers to participation thanks to low equipment start-up costs and no access charges.

To gauge the true potential of sea angling, the Scottish Government commissioned a study in November 2008 to better understand its scale, character and economic impact. One of its key findings was “ there is significant potential for growth in the activity (sea angling) which would deliver an enhanced contribution to income and employment across Scotland, particularly in fragile coastal communities.”

The purpose of our Feasibility Study is to propose certain activities, consistent with the recommendations of the Economic Study and consequent Sea Angling Strategy proposals, which SSACN believe will identify potential activities to support the development and/or regeneration of sea angling.fsocio



Social Benefit:

  • Supports national targets
  • Develops responsibility
  • Family activity
  • Social mix
  • Not means tested









Economic Benefit:

  • Minimal impact on fish stocks
  • Supports fragile coastal economies
  • Provides out of season income
  • £150 million / year expenditure
  • 3500 jobs






  • Get more people fishing
  • Sport for all – not just elite anglers
  • What pre-requisites will drive increase
  • Identify local and touring angler needs


Sea angling can make a significant and direct contribution to the 4 strategic objectives - Wealthier and fairer, Smarter, Healthier, Greener and links directly to the Scottish Government’s National Outcome 12: “we value and enjoy our built and natural environment and protect it and enhance it for future generations.”

The Feasibility Study will identify opportunities and constraints related to developing Scottish sea angling.