Special Events


Shark stocks in Scottish waters are severely threatened and data on their quantity, size, sex, distribution and growth rates is needed if they are to be protected.

To provide specific focus, SSACN run three major tagging events focusing on three shark species in trouble; these are held at various locations and times of the year, but the format is the same for all  …… fish where you want, fish when you want, gather the data and hand back this info to the organisers.

Though the main aim of these weekends is to tag as many sharks as possible, they are also intended to raise the public awareness of the urgent need for sharks, ray and skate protection in Scottish waters.

The Events are:

sharkatagtransp100The Sharkatag weekend :: This Event operates from  four main centres …… Drummore, Sandhead, Isle of Whithorn & Brighouse Bay at Kirkudbright and takes place around mid-summer from marks around the Solway and SW Scotland with the focus on tagging tope, smoothound and collecting data on other shark species.

Photo galleries for previous Sharkatags may be found here.

The Spurdog Tagathon weekend :: SSACN’s longest standing tagging event – the Spurdog Tagathon takes place in late autumn and is centred about Lochs Sunart and Etive. The main target of the event is spurdog as the evidence suggests Lochs Sunart and Etive and surrounding waters have resident populations and that the spurdog pup in the region.

Photo galleries for previous Spurdog Tagathons may be found here.

skateatagtransp100The Skate Tagathon weekend :: An Easter event which is run over quite wide area, mainly centred around Crinan, Oban and Loch Aline where it is believed that the skate populations are largely resident.

Photo galleries for previous Skate Tagathons may be found here.


More information on the Events can be found here.