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Tagging Programmes

Shark stocks in Scottish waters are threatened.

Many anglers who have a deep understanding of sharks and their movements have long recognised that there are issues with the stocks of many species, however, governments will only accept scientific data as a basis for implementing shark conservation policies.

Tagging is the only non-destructive assessment of sharks available which will help provide data such as :

  • Species migrations
  • Growth rates
  • Population and stock make-up
  • Stock fluctuations dynamics

As the government has no process in place to gather this data and no scientific body can afford to pay scientists/marine biologists to effectively tag and release large numbers of fish, SSACN formed the Scottish Shark Tagging Programme (SSTP) to encourage anglers to get involved out of their love for the fish.

SSACN run two major tagging events which provide the foundation of the SSTP :

  • The Tagathon weekend :: This takes place annually in late autumn and is centred around Lochs Sunart and Etive. The main target of the event is spurdog which are currently around 5% of their historical biomass and evidence from anglers suggests that Lochs Sunnart and Etive and surrounding waters have unique resident populations and that the spurdog pup in the region.
  • The Sharkatag weekend :: Another annual event, but this ones takes place around mid-summer from marks around the Solway and SW Scotland with the focus on tagging tope, smoothound and collecting data on other shark species.

On either weekend, anglers fish from the shore, kayaks or boats and though the main aim of the weekend is to tag as many sharks as possible, they are also intended to raise the public awareness of the urgent need for sharks, ray and skate protection in Scottish waters

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