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Page Turners

SSTP November 2016 Newsletter- Our lastest news!
SSACN Handbook - Something for everyone !
SSACN Fish Factoids - Common species facts.
SSACN Infosheets - All in one book.
SSACN Fish ID Cards - Identify a fish.
2012 Events Handbook - Advice for participants.
SSACN MPA Proposals - Our 3rd party proposals.
SSTP Training Manual - Tagging Elasmobranchs.
ID your Catch - Avoid some common mistakes.
Outreach Handbook - Introduction to Outreach.
Scotland’s Sharks - Lots of interesting information.

SSACN Papers

Outreach Newsletter 3 – August 2016 Outreach update.
Outreach Newsletter 2 – April 2016 Outreach update.
2014-2015 Annual Review – Update on activities.
Outreach Newsletter 1 – April 2015 Outreach update.
SSACN 2014 Summer Newsletter – Update on activities.
2013-2014 Annual Review – Update on activities.
2013 Easter Newsletter – Update on activities.
2012-2013 Annual Report – Presented at the AGM.
2011-2012 Annual Report – Presented at the AGM.
July 2012 Newsletter – Update on activities.
Marine Renewables – SSACN Evidence to RACCE Committee.
Marine Renewables – Windfarms.
2010-2011 Annual Review – Presented at the AGM.
July 2011 newsletter - Update on activities.
Protect & Enhance – Paper presented to RSA strategy group.
Angling over time – Paper presented to RSA strategy group.
2010 Annual Review – Presented at the AGM.
2010 Mid-Summer Newsletter - with a focus on Sharkatag.
2009 Annual Review – Presented at the AGM.
2009 Sharkatag – Exit Survey.
2008 Annual Review – Presented at the AGM.
2008 Autumn Newsletter - Update on activities.
Angling Regeneration Centre - A proposal.

Studies and responses

2016 Clyde Regulating Order - SSACN Input.

2015 Scottish Marine Recreation & Tourism Survey - Main report.

2015 Scottish Marine Recreation & Tourism Survey - Report Summary.

2015 Scottish Marine Recreation & Tourism Survey - Shore angling.

2015 Scottish Marine Recreation & Tourism Survey - Boat angling.

Position paper - EU 2015 bass proposals.
2010 SMR - Response to Scottish Marine Region RFI.
NMP Consultation - Response to RFI.
2010 SMR - Response to Scottish Marine Region RFI.
EU CPOA - Input to plan of action for sharks.
2010 Offshore wind power - Supplementary response to RFI.
2010 Offshore wind power - Initial response to RFI.
SISP Report – Surveying fish populations.
Scottish Marine Bill – Written evidence.
Scottish Marine Bill – Verbal evidence to Committee.
Tope Special Instrument - Input to renewal.
Economic study pt1 – Detailed results of RSA study.
Economic study pt2 – Summary of RSA study.
Sharkatag 2009 economics - Feedback from anglers.
2009 Clyde SSMEI - Input to the draft spatial plan.
2008 Thorburn MSc Summary- Summary of common skate MSc project.
2008 Defra RSA Strategy- SSACN Response.
2008 Defra RSA Strategy- Summary of responses.

Other papers of interest

2015 Sept RACCEC - Evidence session.
SIFT proposal - 2015 Clyde Regulating Order.
2013 MASTS Workshop - Opportunities for a combined approach.
2013 8 May RACCEC - Evidence session.
2013 1 May RACCEC - Evidence session.
Defra Sea Angling Steering Group - Update
Spatial Heterogeneity in Fishing Creates de facto Refugia for Endangered Celtic Sea Elasmobranchs - Samuel Shephard, Hans Gerritsen, Michel J. Kaiser, David G. Reid
Ecological Meltdown in the Firth of Clyde - Thurstan, Roberts

Scottish Shark Tagging Programme

Scotland’s Sharks – A pictorial overview.
Which Skate or Ray? – SSTP Decision Tree.
Which Shark – SSTP Decision Tree.
SSTP Newsletter – Summer 2013.
SSTP Information Sheet - A5 Flyer
SSTP Progress Report – Summer 2012.
SSTP Phase II – Final Report.
SSTP Progress Report – December 2011.
2011 Spurdog Tagathon – Post Event Newsletter.
2011 Spurdog Tagathon – Welcome pack.
2010 Spurdog Tagathon - Post Event Newsletter.
SSTP Progress Report – December 2010.
Shark Trust Interview – December 2010.
SSTP Progress Report – 2010.
2008 Spurdog Tagathon - Post Event Newsletter.
Tagging Card – capture required SSTP data.

Tagging guides and papers

SSACN Tagging guidelines – Training manual.
Micro-Tags & Tagging Guns – Guidelines.
Tri-fold – Respect fish, the sea and your safety.
Give Fish A Chance – Some advisory notes.
Tope Practice – Code of Best
Spurdog – Code of Best Practice
Common Skate – Code of Best Practice
Small Shark – Handling guideline.
Tagging sizes – SSTP minimums.
Scottish sharks – SSTP shark ID card.
SFPA Skate Advice – Guidelines.

MPA Proposals

Overview of the Scottish MPA process
Guide to the Scottish MPA process
Scottish Government MPA FAQ paper
Final MPA Guidelines (SNH)
MPA Proposal - Firth of Lorn
MPA Proposal - Loch Etive
MPA Proposal - Loch Sunart
MPA Proposal - Sound of Jura
MPA Proposal - Sound of Mull
MPA consultation response.
Scottish Government position paper on common skate.
Scottish Government web page Update on MPA progress
2014 SSACN Response to MPA & SAC Consultation.
2014 SSACN Response covering letter.
2015 RACCE Committee MPA & SAC Evidence Session.
2015 RACCE Committee Convener’s letter to CS Lochhead.
2016 Sunart to Jura MPA SSACN comments on proposal.
Letter to RACCEC SSACN comments on SFF/CFA proposal.
Letter to RACCEC SSACN comments on Sunart to Jura MPA proposal.

Bass – SSACN Position Statement.
Contact Policy – What we both should expect.
Facebook Policy – Tolerance, polite debate and open contribution .
Privacy Policy – We respect your privacy.
Marine Renewables – SSACN Position Statement.

2011 Think again – We asked a number of people across a broad range of interests to select any aspect of the state of Scotland’s marine environment, fish stocks, sea angling or conservation and give us their views.
Changes in the Clyde – This series builds up a picture of the Clyde and the changes that have come about, it is hoped that some sense can be made of the scale of transformation that has occurred.
2007 Lifelines Event in Holyrood – SSACN made a presentation tp MSPs and a number of other organisations. The documents are ‘information only’ having been superseded.