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| November 10, 2008

Though the option to respond to yesterday’s article wasn’t open very long, the following observations were posted -

I believe with help from the Government, SSACN can make a difference and help sustain vital stocks in British water, spurdog need protecting from commercial fishermen!!.

Keep up the good work guys.

Most people do not realise that we have sharks swimming around in Scotland’s seas. Northeast Atlantic Spurdog have been overfished for far too long. The EU has called on countries around the world to limit Spurdog trade, but has yet to impose effective measures for rebuilding its own population.

For years, scientists have advised that directed fishing on this Critically Endangered population should cease and that bycatch minimization measures should be imposed.
It is high time to heed that advice.

The Community of Arran Seabed Trust fully support the SSACN & its efforts to protect stocks of Spurdogs & any other marine species. The SNP government & all previous governments record on managing fish stocks & our whole marine environment has been disastrous, over the last 30 years. Decisions have been taken with the commercial fishing lobby in mind only. As we have proved on Arran, if you inform & educate the general population regarding what’s happening under the sea.

Politicians will find substantially more votes if they back organisations like SSACN & COAST. My feeling is that Lochhead’s outright backing of the Commercial fishing industry could end up being the SNP’s Achilles heel.

My wife likes coming to Scotland, but it’s the opportunity for some good sea-fishing that makes me agreeable. And it’s those few precious but declining marine resources such as the spurdog and common skate that Scotland has to become serious about protecting, if myself and thousands like me are to continue making that long journey north to spend our holiday pounds.

Why the Scottish government is unable to grasp the value of those resources, and the need to halt their decline, is a puzzle to me. Perhaps when it’s too late? Well done the SSACN for bringing the issue to the fore.

Good work SSACN - mair strength tae yer elbow! The sooner we get back the three mile exclusion zone from our coasts and legislate all fishing boats to separate before killing fish the better. This means the wholesale price of fish will go up - but surely this is a price worth paying.

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