Revive the Clyde campaign–update

| March 6, 2015

clydeThe Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust (SIFT) have recently released an information pack regarding their proposed Shellfish Regulating Order for the Firth Of Clyde (RO).

The document outlines one of their proposed scenarios for management of the fishery in the Clyde ….. In the first version of the document it was proposed that there will be "Recovery Areas" that were closed to all fishing … SSACN have sought clarification on this from SIFT and were reassured that "closed to all fishing" meant closed to all commercial fishing and they have acknowledged this by correcting and re-issuing the revised version.

SIFT note they are on schedule to present the full Regulating Order proposal document to the Scottish Government at the end of March.

As this directly effects the management of the Clyde, SSACN have arranged an anglers meeting at the Carlton Hotel Prestwick at 7.15pm on Tuesday 17th March 2015 for anglers to meet the SIFT team, listen to their presentation and ask any questions on the proposed Regulating Order.

SSACN believes the proposed Regulating Order is the best chance for any revival of white fish in the Clyde and urge all anglers to come along and have their say as well as put any questions directly to the SIFT team.

SSACN has followed closely SIFT’s management planning over the past few months - and have met frequently with SIFT to ensure the views of recreational sea anglers are taken into account, however, it should be remembered that the Regulating Order can only manage shellfish species.

Nevertheless, SSACN see the areas marked for “no commercial fishing” as Scotland’s first “recreational only areas” which will help habitat and fish stocks to recover.

SSACN also understand that SIFT will be holding a series of public drop in meetings at various venues around the Clyde throughout the same week – more info can be found at

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