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Safeguarding communities

Feb 26th, 2009 | By ssacn | Category: Scottish Government News

According to Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead "Fishing rights such as quotas are an asset of national importance to Scotland and the lifeblood of many of our coastal communities. If we are to have a vibrant, prosperous fishing industry in the future we must put in place arrangements to help safeguard those rights.

Very much the same can be said about recreational sea angling - SSACN

Following a series of consultations an interim report setting out how a Scottish quota and licensing system for the fishing industry could be implemented has been published; these will be finalised following a short period of further consultation, which ends on March 24.

The Scottish Government plans to phase in the new management arrangements during 2009, with a complete system fully introduced and up and running early next year. The new arrangements are designed to:

  • Simplify licensing so that the cost to businesses is reduced
  • Safeguard traditional fishing rights for today’s fishermen and for future generations
  • Ensure Scottish fishermen get their fair share of quota and that quotas are only held by businesses who fish them
  • Encourage new blood into the industry

According to Mr Lochhead, the consultation has shown that there is also a strong level of support from the industry, although as expected with such a diverse range of interests there were differences of opinion.

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