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SAIF believe anglers impact commercial stocks

Nov 13th, 2010 | By editor | Category: SSACN Announcements

The Sustainable Access to Inshore Fisheries (SAIF) Advisory Group was set up to produce a report advising on English / Welsh inshore fishing.

They have produced a report now with their findings.

According to the report - An Advisory Group has been set up to support the work of the SAIF project. The membership of the group is broad and encompasses a wide range of expertise including fisherman from the inshore and offshore sectors, retailers, NGO’s, Producer Organisations and other industries, but as is usual in these cases, no representation for sea angling interests.

However, it does come up with some findings which would affect sea anglers :

1.18. Many commercial fishermen believe that recreational sea angling can have a detrimental impact on commercial stocks.

1.59. The impact of recreational sea-angling vessels on stocks should be assessed and Government and IFCAs should consider restricting and licensing the activity of non-commercial boats and sea-angling boats, in areas subject to long-term management plans, where their catch is regarded as potentially significant for local stock management.

Members of the SAIF Advisory Group were :

Alan Riddell Chair
Alison Austin Independent Consultant – Environment and Business
Giles Bartlett World Wildlife Fund
Cindy Cahill Deloitte Consulting
Ned Clark Fisherman
Steve Colclough Environment Agency
Hazel Curtis Seafish
Tim Dapling Sussex Sea Fisheries Committee
Stefan Glinski Fisherman
Gary Hodgson Fisherman
John Nichols Fisherman
Tom Pickerell Shellfish Association of Great Britain
David Sales Fisherman
Spike Searle Finding Sanctuary
David Stevens Fisherman
Phil Walsh Fisherman

This is a report going into Defra with little or no sea angling input with recommendations that IFCA committees be given powers to force sea anglers as to where and when, they can or cannot fish.

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