SAMS report on MPAs

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) has published a report for the  Scottish Environment LINK’s Marine Taskforce on marine protected areas (MPAs).

The report ‘Making the case for sound management of Marine Protected Areas’ is an independent scientific report that comprehensively approaches the topic of MPA management from the perspective of habitats and their ecological requirements.

According to LINK - “Scotland’s unique marine ecosystem can be given the chance to thrive with the aid of a well-managed network of Marine Protected Areas. Not only will this safeguard the goods and services we all rely on, but also make our seas more resistant to climate change and other human impacts. To achieve this, the right management measures must be put in place.”

The report highlights the importance of managing MPAs to protect identified features according to their ecological requirements and viability and that it is fundamental to ‘take the community with us’ to maximise the benefits and build trust.

It also highlights the need for further research on ecological, social and economic impacts of MPAs.

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