School Visits

schoolSSACN are very keen to help educate Scottish children about the various species of fish and their natural environments in their local waters and we run education and awareness events at primary schools throughout Scotland.

To make it more interesting for the children, our visits include classroom based sessions discussing sharks in Scottish waters, what makes them different from other fish in the sea and how they have well developed senses which allow them to be effective and impressive hunters.

collLinked into this, wherever possible, are a number of outdoor activities including marine environment related games and puzzels, inter-tidal zone ‘treasure hunts’ and rock-pooling where the children go out and look for such as shark egg-cases, crabs, anemones and other marine animals which they identify and discuss back in the classroom.



game2If you’d like us to come along to your school just use the ‘Contact Us’ facility below and we’ll see how best we can fit you in.

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