Scotland’s MPA network at risk

| January 26, 2016

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation and Clyde Fishermen’s Association stand accused by West Coast community groups of bullying the public and engaging in scare tactics in a bid to derail the Scottish Government’s implementation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Jamie McGrigor MSP (Cons) is attempting to have fisheries management measures for 14 MPAs (including one around St Kilda World Heritage Site) annulled, placing the whole network at risk.

Community groups, marine conservation campaigners, sea anglers and many creel and dive fishermen have shown strong support for effective MPAs. Representatives from some of these groups will be demonstrating support for MPAs outside the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, January 27 from 8am in a bid to expose an attempt by some in the mobile sector (trawl and dredge operators), to use their influence on the Rural Affairs and Environment Committee (RACCE) to unravel the process of making legal protection for MPAs apply to fishermen.

Full Press Release here.


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