Scottish scallopers accused of breaching exclusion zone

| March 7, 2012

Local fishermen in Cardigan Bay have accused scallop dredgers from Scotland of breaching an exclusion zone off the Welsh coast and of damaging their livelihood by over-intensive dredging of the sea bed.

Welsh Government fisheries officials have already boarded several boats suspected of breaking the Welsh Scallop Order and have confirmed they are investigating alleged breaches of the order which was introduced in 2010 to protect Cardigan Bay.

The order prohibits scallop fishing between May 1 and October 31 each year, prohibits dredging within a mile of the Cardigan Bay coast and places a restriction on the number of dredges, as well as limiting the maximum vessel engine power – the measures are aimed at achieving a viable and sustainable scallop fishery.

A spokesman for shell fishermen in Cardigan Bay said :“We have never opposed scalloping of our shores, but due to the reckless behaviour of these people we can we can no longer support them.”

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