Sea Angling Survey 2016

| January 7, 2016

saltireSea angling is of huge economic and social importance of sea angling in the UK, and information is required to help sea angling bodies and government to make better informed decisions on policies for promoting the long term conservation of our valuable fish stocks.

In 2016 the UK is conducting surveys to find out more about the importance of sea angling, including:

  • What is being caught?
  • How much is being spent on the sport?

They need the assistance of a large sample of people who fish for recreation in the sea around the UK, and who would be willing to keep a diary recording their fishing trips, catches and expenditure on sea angling in 2016.

What will the project involve?

A questionnaire

The first part of the research involves a brief survey of thousands of anglers to get basic information about how often they fished in the sea in 2015, how often they might fish in the sea in 2016 and whether they would be willing to take part in a diary survey in 2016.

Please take the questionnaire or access more information here:

Sea Angler Diaries

Throughout 2016 hundreds of anglers will complete a diary of what they catch and what they spend on sea angling.

If you would like to take part in the diary study next year, please email

The results of the diary study will help the UK meet its obligations to report on recreational catches of certain species as specified by the EU Data Collection Framework and the EU Council Regulation 1224/2009. The Data Collection Framework was established in 2002 to encourage EU Member States collect sufficient data to allow the state of European fish stocks to be monitored as accurately as possible by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas and by the EU Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee on Fisheries. It requires collection of recreational fishery data from all forms of non-commercial fishing from shore and boats.

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