Seaweed cultivation consultation

kelp1The above consultation paper is now  available  on the Scottish Government website  at:

The consultation seeks views on  a draft policy statement (and related Strategic Environmental Assessment) on seaweed cultivation in Scottish waters which aims to:

  • Manage and regulate seaweed cultivation
  • Facilitate sustainable development of the seaweed cultivation industry
  • Inform policy in order to manage and mitigate any impacts from seaweed cultivation

The consultation closing date is 17 November 2013, and you are invited make your response by that date.   

If you have any questions to ask about the consultation, contact

Aquaculture Planning Team
Performance, Aquaculture and Recreational Fisheries (PARF)
Directorate for Marine Scotland
DG: Enterprise and Environment
1-B North Victoria Quay
Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

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