Shark Angler Recording Project

sharktrust logoTo better understand and manage shark, skate and ray fisheries  as much as possible needs to known about their populations and movements.  in 2010 the Shark Trust initiated a pilot project in the SW of England asking anglers to record all sharks, skates and rays they catch. In 2014, the Angler Recording Project is now extending throughout the entire UK.

Shark, skates and rays have long been popular target species for anglers in the UK. Yet around the world, populations of many species have declined alarmingly over the last 50 years. In the Northeast Atlantic, once common species including the Common Skate, Angelshark, Spurdog (also known as Spiny Dogfish) and Porbeagle have experienced population declines in excess of 80%, and are now listed as Critically Endangered. Focusing on sharks, skates and rays, the Northeast Atlantic ocean has the worst conservation status of any region in the world, with nearly a third of species listed in Threat categories on the IUCN Red List (including 8% assessed as Critically Endangered), while a further 29% are Near Threatened.

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