The date today is 09-02-09

Effects of 2009 Quota discussions


25% reduction in TAC with NEW 210cm maximum landing size limit (MLL)

The UK quota = 2 tons

25% reduction in TAC (based on France’s desire to keep targeted fishery open)

NEW 210cm maximum landing size limit means all Porgies over 210 pounds to be returned (aimed at protecting the females )


50% reduction in Total Allowable Catch (TAC) with NEW 100cm maximum landing size limit

NEW 100cm maximum landing size limit means all fish over 100cm have to be returned (aimed at protecting mature females)

The 5% bycatch limit has been dropped

2008 Scotland TAC 586 tons

2009 Scotland TAC 293 tons

2005 Scottish landing…………920 tons

2006……………………………456 tons

2007……………………………386 tons

2008……………………………247 tons

The Scottish spurdog TAC will be 46 tons more than they caught this year but the compulsory return of females over 100cm or 9.5 pounds should be welcomed. The Scottish landings for 2008 show the 5% bycatch made a big difference in landings.

Note :: 2010 TAC set at zero with a minimum bycatch



The Common skate , White and Undulate Ray and Angel now have full protection, they may not be retained on board and must be promptly released.  Commercial fishermen will be encouraged to develop techniques and equipment to serve to facilitate safe release of Common, White, Undulate, Angel and (Spurdog in 2010).

RAYS – Thornback, cuckoo, small eyed and blonde,

TAC reduction of 25%  with a 25% bycatch limit which is great news for Scottish west coast rays as the 25% bycatch will stop a targeted fishery if they recover.



Just two years go there was no protection on any EU sharks except the basking shark. Now four sharks - the Common skate , white and undulate ray and angel shark have full protection

and a further 8 namely; Thornback, cuckoo, small eyed and blonde rays and the tope, spurdog and Porbeagle have varying degrees of protection.

All in all  - Great for Scottish sharks.

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