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Shark related papers

This page provides links to papers related to issues around the shark fisheries in Europe.

JNCC 2004 Plan of action for the conservation and management of sharks in UK waters
EAA Introduction 2007 Preliminary investigation into fisheries, trade products, markets and management measures.
Struan Stevenson Dec07 A letter from Struan Stevenson MSP laying out his views on the 07 Fisheries Council’s shark discussions.
Tope - best practice The SOS ‘handbook’ on the best practice for handling tope. The basic principles will easily translate to fishing for other similar species.
EU Elasmobrach Fisheries 2002 An explicit ranking of stocks at different level of risk; based either on scientific assessment or, in absence of formalised scientific analysis, on subgroup’s expert judgement.
Bristol Channel ray survival report Fisheries Science Partnership study into the survivability of rays discarded in the Bristol Channel targeted trawl fishery.
ICES WGEF 2006 Report of the Working Group on Elasmobranch Fishes (WGEF) 14–21 June 2006
SOS - End of the line for sharks A broad overview in lay terms of the factors likely to affect the global survival of sharks.
NAFO 2002 tagging paper - Sue & Jerry drake The 2000+ UK Shark tagging programme was originally developed by anglers and since the start of the programme volunteer taggers have measured, weighed and sexed tagged 2374 sharks.

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Established in 1997, the Shark Trust is a UK charity dedicated to the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates, rays and chimaera.


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