Social and Community Benefits of Angling research

| March 25, 2010

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As part of our research into the Social and Community Benefits of Angling, we have just launched our Young people’s Angling Survey. It’s a short online survey for 18 yrs and under that can be found on our website.

It looks into the health and wellbeing benefits of angling for young people and the things that prevent young people being able to take up fishing as much as they would like.  It runs from 15th March – 1st Sept 2010.

It’s important to hear young people’s own perspectives on their angling experience so for this to work we need as many young people as we can find.

We also have another survey (Angling Projects Survey) targeting youth organizations, intervention projects, angling clubs, schools, and any organizations using angling as part of their delivery to young people.

This survey is likewise available on our website at the above link and generates live stats as it is completed. There is also a space for organizations to be listed as contributors.

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