Solway offshore wind farm–feasibility study

| December 15, 2011

Dong Energy have been awarded an exclusivity agreement from the Crown Estate to investigate the feasibility of developing an offshore wind farm proposal within the Outer Solway.

The area that they are currently considering for a potential site will be at least eight kilometres away from the coastline and fully within the broader area identified in Marine Scotland Science’s Scoping Report.  This is south of Luce Bay and to the north of the Isle of Man.

The feasibility study is to consider the potential for a development site within this area of search for around 300 MW generation capacity, which is likely to be a site area of around 60km², generating enough energy to meet the average needs of up to 230,000 homes.

DONG Energy is currently committed to a period of early consultation with key stakeholders, to establish their views on the potential viability of an offshore wind farm in the area and to get their views on the key elements that should be included in any subsequent full public consultation.

Further progress on any project is subject to the granting of additional rights by The Crown Estate.

DONG Energy would then be in a position to bring forward site specific proposals, which would be the subject of a full public consultation, including all interested stakeholders, and in due course apply for consent from the Scottish Government.

More information is available online: on their website.

A map illustrating the area of search for a suitable offshore wind development site here

Dong Energy has indicated that local consultation events will be held in the new year and further information will be circulated when it is available.

For more information or to submit any comments, please contact:

Vanessa O’Connell (Project Developer)

Helen Macbain (Communications Coordinator)



DONG Energy Power (UK) Ltd.

33 Grosvenor Place



Tel: +44 (0)207 811 5200


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