Spurdog Tagathon

| August 30, 2008

Even though spurdog are at 5% of their original biomass and evidence from anglers suggests that Lochs Sunnart and Etive and surrounding waters have unique resident populations and that the spurdog pup in the region, Cabinet Secretary Lochhead and the Marine Directorate still require further evidence before they will to take any action to protect them. To facilitate this

The SSACN Sunart Spurdog Tagathon will take place on the 15th and 16th of November.

The main aims of the weekend are to tag as many spurdog as possible from the shore and boat and to raise the public awareness of the urgent need for sharks, ray and skate protection in Scottish waters.

Shore anglers will be split into teams of 4-6 people and each of these and every boat will have a tagging kit and a team leader experienced in handling and tagging.

Shortly we shall be adding a couple of pages designated to the coordination of the tagathon - access to these will be via an individual login procedure.

If you fancy joining what looks likely to be a fantastic weekend then please register your interest to the project coordinator Davy Murray  dm_viragev8@hotmail.com or by emailing tagging@ssacn.org - to receive a login / password necessary to access those pages.

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