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SSACN Papers

These papers were written by SSACN Members and address a variety of sea angling related conservation topics.

To do nothing is not an option Why we believe Scotland is failing in its duty to protect sharks and rays in danger of extinction according to the IUCN. FAO, ICES and many NGO’s.
The forgotten sea Is the Scottish Government is turning a blind eye to the destruction of fish stocks and Marine biodiversity of the west and south west coast of Scotland because of the lucrative returns from the destructive langoustine industry ?
The Collapsing Clyde Fishing down the foodchain has reduced the Clyde to a mere shadow of its former self, once a ‘mecca’ for sea anglers, now essentially a fishless dessert.
The Solway - Present and Future The Solway is blessed with many diverse geological regions; historically it was probably the most diverse and productive sea angling location in the UK. Years of uncontrolled exploitation have destroyed it. There could be a future, but it will require a bold political solution.
Angling Regeneration Centres A focus for the development of recreational sea angling and the regeneration of stocks through conservation and education.
Scottish Marine Bill SSACN’s response to the public consultation.
EU Shark Plan SSACN response to the EU consultation paper for development of a Plan of Action (CPOA) for Sharks.
Response to 2008 Defra English RSA strategy SSACN response to Defra consultation document.
Input to Arran NTZ SSACN response to the Scottish Marine Directorate’s consultation on the Arran NTZ
Arran NTZ supporting doc COAST letter to SSACN to clarify some issues
SSACN response to Article 47 SSACN response regarding the EU proposed Article 47.

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