SSACN to present at Cabaret Evening


SSACN will be supporting an ‘Evening Cabaret’ being held as part of a MASTS organised events being hosted by Radio 4 presenter Quentin Cooper at the Museum of Scotland on Wednesday 27th March .

The ‘Cabaret’ will feature short, highly visual presentations including scientific oddities and thought provoking facts – uncovering some of the mysteries of Scotland’s seas. Audience members will be able to enjoy nibbles and a glass of wine whilst experiencing the wonders of the deep. Speakers are Prof Jimmy Turnbull, Prof Dorrik Stow, Dr Paul Fernandes, Dr Lars Boehme, Lilian Lieber, Lewis Cowie (SSACN), Nichola Lacey, Thom Linley, Silje-Kristin Jensen, Rory Crawford, and Dr Ellie Owen.

The evening cabaret is part sponsored by the Year of Natural Scotland and is associated with a Future Seas exhibition which is free and open to the public in the Grand Gallery of the Museum throughout the Science Festival.

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