Why Join SSACN

SSACN is staffed and run by volunteers who work passionately to help ensure the conservation interests of Scottish sea anglers are brought to the attention of Governments, fisheries policy makers and all other commercial and recreational users of the marine environment.

At all times we try to be transparent in our actions and to keep our Members as up to date as possible, our direction is governed by the following :

  • SSACN is a registered charity and we are independent of any other organisation.
  • Our primary concern is the conservation and regeneration of the marine environment with a particular focus on how issues may affect sea anglers.
  • We represent our Members.
  • We do believe the conservation interests of recreational activities should be included in determining management policies for inshore marine environment and inshore fisheries management.
  • We will not support any activities which will adversely impact the marine environment.
  • We will not support any restrictions on angling being imposed unless there is a good reason based on sound research.
  • We will only support initiatives providing their remit is clearly articulated, transparent AND whose objectives are geared to conservation and/or regeneration.
  • We welcome input from anyone contact@ssacn.org

With respect to fish and fisheries, we believe :

  • Fish are a common public resource.
  • The EU CFP is fundamentally and systemically flawed.
  • The UK and Scottish governments do not adequately consider sea angling when determining policy.
  • All fishing sectors should have responsibilities as well as rights.
  • Fisheries management must be based on eco-based principles.
  • There should be direct involvement for sea angling bodies in fisheries management.
  • We will support all research which has clearly articulated objectives.
  • Management focus should be on regeneration rather than exploitation.
  • Management plans and tools must be directly relevant to and measured against stated objectives.
  • The principle of ‘Best Value’ should apply to all stocks.
  • Certain stocks should be recognised as key to the recreational sector.
  • Certain areas would regenerate faster if set aside for recreational and non-destructive commercial fishing.

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