The team

willie Willie Kennedy – Chairman and Events Coordinator

During my many years of fishing I have seen many changes but in particular the demise of the cod fishery on the Clyde and Solway got to me …… Being a keen and passionate sea angler I decided to give something back and joined SSACN and support their efforts on conservation.

Since joining I have found that there are many things affecting the marine environment - over fishing, destructive practices, pollution, global warming but perhaps most importantly, the lack of political will.

European, UK and Scottish regulations are continually challenging how fisheries are managed … some of these may well be beneficial to sea angling, however some of these and the lack of action is extremely detrimental to the marine environment as a whole and this means that as sea anglers we must try and fight for our sport – we must unite and have a voice.

If you care then please join SSACN and help the fight for our sport … not just for our generations but for future ones as well.


Steve Bastiman – Vice Chairman

I started sea fishing around 50 years ago but pressure of family and work meant I got few chances to go during the 80s and 90s. What I came back to in 2000 when I was able to go on a more regular basis convinced me something needed to be done. It was either sit on the side-lines and complain or get involved.


Ian Burrett – Project Director

I have been sea angling for over forty years and have seen the stocks diminish year upon year. I am involved in SSACN because I would like my grandchildren and their children to have the same opportunities that I have been fortunate to enjoy.


Ian Napier - Secretary
I’m a lucky angler –  I’ve enjoyed fishing for 50 years or so with some of the best anglers in Scotland; unfortunately newcomers cannot enjoy the type of fishing that was once available to all.

Will they ever ? The political machine grinds ever so slowly in regard to our sport, and many opportunities have been lost – SSACN is working to increase both political and public awareness of the issues.


 Jamie Soons – Marketing

I’ve been fishing as far back as I can remember, love of the sea and what swim’s in it is a big thing for me - so doing my bit to help the cause.

Been in Graphics now since leaving school, worked in London for Design Agency as Studio Manager, returned home to Troon and now in a self employed roll… happy to supply quality artwork for the SSACN’s various conservation events!


David McNair - Education

David is a seasoned sea angler with over 30 years experience. He has also been at the forefront in developing angling opportunities and has been at the forefront of angling coaching in Scotland; his overall angling skills and knowledge, backed up with significant coaching experience have given him the skills necessary to help drive our educational programmes.


10947364_10153523515287004_1676756315110978718_o(1)Amie Williams – SSTP Coordinator

At the age of 10 Amie got a taste of the marine world during her first SCUBA diving trip in Cyprus. Since then she has been a passionate SCUBA diver and has completed both a BSc in Marine Science and an MSc in Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems, where both dissertations involved investigating the movement of sharks.

Amie has also been involved with a number of elasmobranch related projects, where she has worked alongside a number of species including white sharks, pelagic threshers, oceanic whitetips, scalloped hammerhead and flapper skate.


samSamantha King – Outreach Coordinator

Samantha has a BSC in Marine and Freshwater Biology and an MSc. in Coastal Management.
From the first time she rock-pooled at Greenock’s Lunderston Bay, Samantha was captivated by the diversity of marine life that lives right on our doorstep; this combined with her diverse skill set and personal qualities, made her an ideal choice to further develop our Community Outreach Programme.