SSTP at Portpatrick Primary School

Portpatrick PrimaryThe SSTP was thrilled to visit Portpatrick Primary School in Dumfries and Galloway for the third year running. Ed Wright, our Project Officer, had the pleasure of the company of all 27 pupils for the afternoon of the 27th of June. First of all it was amazing to see how much some of the older children had remembered from previous visits by Lewis Cowie our previous Project Officer. As soon as Ed arrived some kids were keen to explain how coconuts are far more dangerous than sharks! Quite right too!

After chatting to the kids about shark biology and explaining the integral role these amazing predators play in the marine food chain, Ed took the kids to the beach where the children used ID guides to identify shark and skate egg cases. They also measured out the sizes of some Scottish sharks, including many people’s favourite…the gentle giant that is the basking shark.

A great day was had by all and the SSTP is very grateful to Portpatrick Primary School and their headteacher Sheila Bailey for allowing us to spend time with the kids. We hope to come back soon.

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