SSTP tope re-captured off Sicily

Tope-Galeorhinus-galeus.jpgRecently a researcher at the Italian Institute for Coastal and Marine Environment got in touch with us about a tope a local fisherman had caught. Amazingly the tope in question had been tagged by the Stuart Cresswel in Luce Bay in June 2009 and had been re-caught more than five years later in the fisherman’s trammel net off the Talbot Bank on off the SW coast of Sicily! When originally tagged the fish weighed in at 10-11 kg but by the time of it’s re-capture the fisherman estimated it had nearly doubled to around 20kg! The straight line distance between Luce Bay and Sicily is 2,500 km but who knows how far the shark actually traveled.

This is of particular interest as tope are depleted in the Mediterranean though landings are not uncommon in Algeria.

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