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Sustainable Seas

SSACN are Members of the Sustainable Seas Task Force established by Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead. The Task Force will be meeting several times over the next 3-4 months and this page will provide pointers to all items of interest.

Terms of Reference

1. To make an input to the development of Scottish Government’s consultation proposals for a Scottish marine bill, to ensure the sustainable management of Scotland’s coasts and seas and balance the competing interests for use and protection of the sea. This will secure enhanced stewardship and long term productivity of this key Scottish asset. The Task Force through a series of workshops will undertake detailed consideration and identification of the principal issues and tensions consultation should address.


2. Take account of the wider European, UK and domestic background – Marine Strategy Directive, possible UK marine and climate change legislation and Scottish climate change legislation - and their likely impact on Scotland.

3. Review the conclusions of the Advisory Group on Marine and Coastal Strategy and the Environment and Rural Development Committee assessing whether they remain accurate and relevant.

4. Consider the broad approach to Scottish marine legislation, identifying gaps, and areas where legislative change is needed, and where additional consideration is required.

5. Contribute to the development of the consultation text and key questions and consider how the consultation process might be best run. This includes identifying any unresolved issues and tensions ensuring these issues are highlighted in the consultation.


6. We expect the number and scale of use of Scotland’s coasts and seas to grow markedly in the future. We need to take action to allow new opportunities to be fully explored whilst ensuring that resources are used in a sustainable manner, preserving the assets for future generations and ensuring it continues to provide essential ecosystem benefits.

7. How can the management and regulation of the marine environment be improved? What existing and new activities in the coasts and seas should we seek to control and how should we best organise that control, and at the same time ensure adequate protections are in place?

8. At which level should decisions be taken and how do we ensure that national and local stakeholders can make their views effective within the system?

9. Who should be responsible for the various functions – planning, conservation etc.?

10. What kind of legislation do we need – a framework system or something more fully developed?

11. Ensuring we have the information we need to support the policy decisions we are taking.


The Sustainable Seas Task Force membership consists of the major stakeholders for Scotland’s marine environment. Membership is drawn from a broad range of interests including industry, voluntary and recreational sectors, academic institutions, and the public sector. The following is the list of members and the organisations they represent.

Richard Lochhead (Chair) Cabinet Secretary
Mick Borwell Oil and Gas UK
Bertie Armstrong SFF
Lloyd Austin SE LINK, RSPB
Dan Barlow SE LINK, WWF Scotland
Isabel Glasgow Firth of Clyde Forum
Robin Cook Fisheries Research Services
Campbell Gemmell SEPA
George Hamilton CoSLA
Bill McFadyen Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Michael Scott OBE Scottish Biodiversity
Ian Jardine SNH
Graham U’ren RTPI Scotland
Stephen Bastiman SSACN
Captain Jim Simpson Scottish Coastal Forum
Professor Bill Ritchie Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Sciences Management
Sid Patten Scottish Salmon Producers’ Association
Doug McLeod Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers
Professor Ian Boyd Marine Science Scotland
David Cameron Scottish Renewables
Gordon Barclay Historic Scotland
Paul Du Vivier Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency
Derek McGlashan UK Major Ports Group
Mike Balmforth Scottish Boating Alliance
Captain Nigel Mills British Ports Association
Edmund Brookes UK Chamber of Shipping
Ian Gatt Scottish Fishermen’s Federation
David Wilson Scottish Government
Susie Braham Scottish Government
+ other supporting staffers Scottish Government

Work Programme

12. The work of this group will take place over a series of meetings and workshops between January and April 2008.

13. The detailed work of the group will be undertaken at 5 workshops over the following months. The following provisional dates and locations are identified for the workshops.

· 30 January 2021 – Workshop on licensing and enforcement (Aberdeen)

· 14 February 2021 – Workshop on marine nature conservation (Great Glen House, Inverness)

· 27 February 2021 – Workshop on marine management arrangements (Perth)

· 12 March 2021 – Workshop on marine planning and integrated coastal zone management (Dundee)

· 26 March 2021 – Workshop on data and science (Aberdeen)

14. The second and final plenary meeting of the Task Force is expected to be held on 9 April 2021 (10.00-2.00 in Victoria Quay, Edinburgh).

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