Tag return reward

| October 14, 2011

A £100 reward is being offered by the Marine Labs for the return of their skate data tags along with details of where the fish was caught.

Only the white tags should be removed and the fish should be returned alive and well. A full sized poster with all the details may be downloaded from here.

October 2011 will see the start of a new tagging project undertaken by Marine Scotland that aims to look in detail at the movement of Common Skate (Dipturis cf. flossada, Dipturis cf. intermedia) around Crinan and the Sound of Jura on the west coast of Scotland.

This project is a single work package that makes up part of the much larger Scottish Marine Protected Area (MPA) project: the MPA project will provide advice to Scottish Ministers on the selection of MPAs in Scottish territorial waters.

The current Common Skate tagging programme is well established thanks to the work of a wide range of volunteers and recreational anglers. Skate tagging projects in Scotland are carried out by volunteers as part of the Scottish Shark Tagging Programme (SSTP) operated by the Scottish Sea Anglers Conservation Network (SSACN).

Data collected by recreational sea anglers and the SSTP have proved extremely valuable and has already helped provide a valuable insight into the biology of Common Skate by assessing movements, distribution and growth between points of capture and has provided a strong foundation on which future projects can build. If you are interested in tagging Scottish skate, rays or sharks or becoming more involved in the SSTP or SSACN please send an email to contact@ssacn.org.



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