The Black Fish

blackfishThe Black Fish is a new international marine conservation movement on a mission to end the industrial overfishing of our oceans.

According to their website, they will work to expose and challenge illegal and destructive fishing practices through investigation and action; create grassroots campaigns and educational projects aimed at empowering individuals to get actively involved in conservation work, and help build grassroots citizen-led conservation communities.

The Black Fish has partnered with technological innovators at the organisation ShadowView to launch a new ambitious conservation campaign, using drones to increase the monitoring of suspicious fishing activity and expose illegal activities.

They have also launched a new conservation training programme, allowing individuals to gain specialist skills that can be utilized in marine conservation work. Certificates in diving, sailing and power boat driving can be obtained through a series of professional courses that will be held in Northern Europe late summer.

The Black Fish is preparing for a month-long public speaking tour across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in September – October 2013.

Public events will be held to raise awareness about the damage caused by industrial overfishing and to rally public support for a new approach to marine conservation.

The Black Fish can be found at :

The Black Fish UK
BM Fish
United Kingdom

as well as the following social media

Facebook: theblackfishorg
Twitter: @theblackfishorg
Jumo: theblackfish
Flickr: theblackfish
Youtube: theblackfishorg
Vimeo: theblackfish
Skype: theblackfishorg

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