The value of MPAs

The designation of special conservation areas in the seas around Scotland could be worth more than £250million according to an interim report, based on research led by Aberdeen University release 17/07/13.

The research also estimated that UK wide current recreational value of MPAs to lie between £148 – 248 million for divers and £1.86 – 3.38 billion for anglers per year, although there is considerable uncertainty around these recreational figures, because it is difficult to precisely estimate how often divers and anglers visit each of the 151 proposed areas examined in the study. There are 1-2 million sea anglers and around 200,000 divers in the UK.

The study also compared the value of conservation to the projected costs associated with English Marine Conservation Zones, and found that the economic benefits to society of designating 127 zones were likely to outweigh the costs, even without accounting for the potential benefits to other recreational users. Benefits would depend on most areas remaining open to diving and angling.

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