Tobermory visitor centre launch

toberInformation release from the Tobermory Harbour Association.

We are a not for profit, community enterprise and have recently revamped part of our harbour building to establish the Marine Visitor Centre for visitors and local residents, adults and children, to provide an exciting, informative and interactive experience.

The official launch date is Saturday the 23rd of March @ 2pm – everyone welcome.

With the wide variety of exhibits, we want to demonstrate and increase the understanding of all aspects of the life of Tobermory community’s working harbour and local waters and the Sound of Mull, from the local fishing community, fish farms, hand divers, recreational divers and boat users, and the support organisations that allow this industry to take place, including the RNLI, Coastguard and Northern Lighthouse Board.

The centre also has an environmental focus, highlighting shoreline habitats and creatures, and the wider marine ecology, alongside exhibits promoting work around sustainability and environmental protection.

SSACN were pleased to be asked to contribute and you’ll find our display board, discussing rays and sharks, at the far end of the centre behind the touch pools, more info here.

We deliver touch pool talks and discussions throughout the day to help educate and inform both visitors and locals about these creatures and to help develop a greater understanding of and sympathy for the marine environment and its symbiosis with Tobermory and the wider coastal community of Mull and the surrounding area.

In order for us to have salt-water tanks and touch pools, we had to apply for a zoo licence. During this process, we discovered we are in fact the only zoo in Europe that returns all the creatures to the wild. All the creatures in these two tanks are caught in creel pots and nets from right here in Tobermory Bay and the Sound of Mull by either myself, a very helpful bunch of local children and creel fishermen. The creatures are only kept here for a maximum of 4 weeks and then we return them to their original maritime site, so we are simply “borrowing them from the sea”. 

A full size poster can be found here.

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