UK government ‘too slow’ on marine conservation

defraNo surprise really !! Can’t afford to upset commercial interests.

The development of conservation zones to protect the seas around the UK has been too slow, a group of MPs has said.

Last year, the government designated 27 marine conservation zones in the UK, while a further 37 zones could be designated by the end of 2015.

However, 127 areas are recommended for protection and the Environmental Audit Committee criticised a "lack of government commitment" on the issue.

The government said it was doing "more than ever" to protect marine habitats.

Marine conservation zones have been set up to conserve "nationally rare" or "threatened" habitats and wildlife in inshore waters, as well as in offshore seas around England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

However, the report called on ministers to move more quickly and to establish more protected areas of the seas.

"This slow pace has been disappointing and suggests a lack of government commitment to this initiative", the parliamentary committee said in the report.

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