Ullapool Outreach Event

markersSSACN Outreach, in conjunction with the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Living Seas Scotland, delivered a very successful combined drop net fishing event at Ullapool Harbour Trust this last weekend.

These Outreach Events are aimed at providing those unfamiliar with the near-shore environment a chance to experience its diversity and to provide them with a very basic understanding that sea fishing can be a fun, family experience and one which can be undertaken with the minimum of equipment and impact to the marine environment.

a-keen-student’Aw just another shot’ was a common cry, even when there was some rain in the air, as inquisitive youngsters participated in the drop net activity catching numerous shore crabs, some juvenile cod, butterfish and sea urchins in very quick time.

The Event also attracted some more adult participants and a number of tourists, including a family all the way from Hong Kong who were intrigued to see some of the local marine life.

SSACN’s Factoid handbook provided a useful reference when it came to identifying the catch and who knows, perhaps encouraged a future marine biologist or two !

One-eacjhNoel Hawkins of the Scottish Wildlife Trust who was recently appointed the "Living Seas" Project Officer by the Trust will now also act as SSACN’s Outreach Hub coordinator for the area. According to Noel: “ The Event was great fun and hopefully the first of many more such events as we hope to roll out such days with the local Wildlife Watch group, Highland Council Rangers and SNH.”

Samantha King, SSACN’s Outreach Project Lead: “ We had a terrific day with a constant stream of interested groups and as always it’s great to see the excitement and sense of achievement as the nets are recovered and the contents examined.”

The Event write up on our Facebook page also hit a note with many, one of the respondents commented: ‘I’d have loved to have done that as a kid.. I spent many a happy summer rockpooling on the beach at Ardmair, fishing off the pier at Ardmair at high tide and doing the same off the ferry pier at Ullapool.’

SSACN Outreach Events provide community groups of any type with an easy and cheap learning experience for their members, whilst also providing a fun day by the seaside.

If you are interested in developing a SSACN Hub in your area / community or you’d like to come along to an Outreach Event, there is more information here  and you can either use the  ‘Contact Us’ facility on that page or drop an email to contact@ssacn.org and one of the Team will get back to you. 

More images from the Event can be seen on the Outreach Facebook page.

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