Value of the marine environment to sea anglers

| March 21, 2013

HaddockWorkshop invitation

A series of workshops are being held around the UK by the University of Aberdeen to help understand the value sea anglers place on the marine environment; your input will help inform decisions about the establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Each workshop (see below) will run from 6-9 pm and a buffet meal and refreshments will be provided. The organisers will reimburse reasonable travel costs (by car or standard class public transport), as well as providing a cash incentive of £20 for your attendance.

More details from : UK NEA project office or tel 01224 274165


1. Glasgow, Thursday 28th March, Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JP

2. Dundee, Friday 29th March, Ashton Hall, Caird Hall Complex, City Square, Dundee DD1 3BB

NE & E England:

3. Durham, Monday 25th March, Ritson Hall, Alington House Community Association, 4 North Bailey, Durham DH1 3ET

4. Norwich, Thursday 4th April, venue TBC

5. Newcastle, Friday 12th April, venue TBC

NW &W England:

6. Manchester, Tuesday 9th April, venue TBC

7. Liverpool, Wednesday 10th April, venue TBC

8. Leeds, Thursday 11th April, venue TBC


9. Birmingham, Tuesday 30th April, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7XG (for Sat Nav directions and parking use B4 7AP). The event will take place in room MP203. Go to reception on Level 2 (look for Birmingham City University sign) and they will direct you.

SW England:

10. Exeter, Wednesday 10th April, venue TBC

11. Bristol, Monday 15th April, venue TBC

12. Plymouth, Tuesday 16th April, venue TBC

SE England:

13. London, Monday 22nd April, venue TBC – ** NEARLY FULL**

14. Southampton, Tuesday 23rd April, venue TBC - ** NEARLY FULL**

15. London, Wednesday 24th April, venue TBC - ** NEARLY FULL**

Background from the University of Aberdeen:

The workshops will revolve around your input and sharing ideas with other divers and anglers – we will not be lecturing!

Each workshop will involve:

  • An introduction to the project and the proposals for marine protected areas
  • An exercise to understand and share your personal values relating to the marine environment
  • Opportunities to discuss with other divers and anglers what aspects of the different types of UK seas and coastlines are most important to you
  • Discussion of the various benefits that these different settings provide to understand the choices and trade-offs you make when valuing them
  • Evaluating how effective you feel the different methods used in the two workshops are at representing your values and views

While we are working with BSAC, AT and MCS to make this work as relevant as possible, our research is independent and the University of Aberdeen does not have a position on the introduction of MPAs. Conclusions drawn from the data gathered in the workshops will not be influenced or moderated by anyone apart from the University researchers involved, and individual data gathered will be used anonymously and will not be shared with anyone else.

We are currently analysing responses to an online survey held earlier. A report on the findings will be available in late March on our project website. The report incorporating online survey and workshop information will be available as part of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment report, which will be published in early 2014.

The results will also be used in the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA), which is a national research programme to better understand the importance of nature to people. You will be able to receive a copy of the final report by email.

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