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Is This Showing Responsible Leadership ?

Mrs Stevenson, President of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, is appealing against her conviction for her involvement as one of 17 Newlyn skippers, owners and agents who have been convicted of involvement in a scheme to land so-called “black fish” - fish that under the EU quota system they were not entitled to bring [...]


World Trade Organisation to propose new fishing rules

Fish are disappearing from the oceans because of massive overfishing by rich countries, fueled by billions in subsidies every year. It’s unfair trade, and it’s killing the oceans.
Already, 90% of big fish like tuna and marlin are gone. If nothing changes, many fish populations will collapse beyond recovery-destroying ecosystems and harming those who rely on [...]


New laws to protect animals and habitats

Tougher laws to protect animals and their habitats come into force this week.
Britain has strengthened legislation through the Habitats Regulations and new Offshore Marine Conservation Regulations to fall into line with EU laws.
Dolphins, marine turtles and otters are included on the list of European Protected Species who will benefit.
The new laws mean that offenders will [...]


Supporting Shark Conservation - Ecuador

Shark finning, the wasteful practice of slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea, is one of the most barbaric practices in commercial fishing.
It is officially banned in Europe, but in the UK, commercial fishermen can obtain a special permit to do it, by just phoning up and asking for one.
Ecuador has [...]


Annan based trawlers guilty of ‘black fishing’

Extracted from the Sunday Mail of 05/08/07
TN Trawlers based in Annan fish the Solway Firth and the south of England were targeted as part of a crackdown on ‘black fishing’ between Jan 04 and July 05.
TN Trawlers, two fish merchants and six skippers admitted breaching the limits.
Chris Nicholson, of Annan, was fined £300 [...]


Sea Angling in the Solway - Present and Future

At our meeting with the Scottish Executives Fisheries people, Ian Burrett presented a paper on sea angling in the Solway - Present and Future. The following is a brief summary of it, the full version may found here.
The Solway is blessed with many different geological regions. Because of this it was once a haven [...]


Issue 18 of El Anzuelo

Volume 18 of El Anzuelo, the IEEP European newsletter on fisheries and the environment is now available. The focus of this edition is on the Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management
Other articles in this edition cover:
Taking Stock - 5 years after the CFP reform - what has been achieved ?
Are ‘RACs’ achieving their aim of [...]


Traders launch legal action over ‘black’ fish landings

Scotsman :: Fish traders are set to launch legal action against the Scottish Executive amid claims that authorities failed to prevent their livelihoods being ruined by the illegal trade in ‘black’ fish landings.

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