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Cuts in days at sea

The EC plans to slash the number of days that the prawn fleet can stay at sea.


Borg summarises stocks

According to Dr Borg  “The most recent advice from ICES confirms that while the situation remains broadly stable, indeed with some encouraging developments in certain fisheries, most stocks remain overfished. We must make further efforts if we are to achieve progress towards sustainable fisheries.
If we do not, the result will be the rapid decline of [...]


Thornback Ray discard survival rates

Update :: The report is available here in pdf format.
CEFAS have completed a project which was developed to estimate the survival of rays, which are caught commercially in a trawl and subsequently discarded.
The trial was held in the Bristol Channel and its’ objectives were to

Estimate the short-term discard survival rates of thornback rays
Estimate [...]


Call for evidence on Biodiversity loss

Following commitments at the G8+5 meeting in March 2007, the Commission is supporting a Review on the Economics of Biodiversity Loss.
The Review will evaluate the costs of the loss of biodiversity and the associated decline in ecosystem services and will aim to achieve a better understanding of why action to halt the loss of biodiversity [...]


EU / Norway negotiations

THE conclusion of the 2008 EU/Norway negotiations on quotas has resulted in a small increases for two stocks but cuts in the remainder :

Cod +11%    Saithe  +10%    Herring -41%    Monkfish -2.4%  Whiting -25%
Whiting -25%     Haddock -15%     Plaice -2.5%    Blue Whiting -32.3

The Scottish Fishermans Federation say cod now attracts disproportionate attention in these [...]


MP hits at Government over bass decision

THE UK Government has “flown in the face” of its own fisheries advisers, Cefas (the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science), in refusing to increase the minimum landing size of bass, according to Martin Salter MP.
The decision looked after the short-term interests of the inshore commercial fishing fleet rather than the long-term interests of [...]


Scientific community calls for conservation of Sharks and Rays

Brest, France: European marine scientists at a weekend shark and ray conference signed a Statement of Concern calling for improved European shark policies, bringing the total number of signatories over the 100 mark.
The Statement calls on European Union (EU) Ministers and fisheries managers to heed scientific advice for fishing limits and develop an EU [...]


Conservative amendment in Sea Fisheries Negotiations debate

Presiding Officer, for the first time in a long time I do not believe I have to declare an interest in this debate today on fishing, other than being an enthusiastic consumer!
The Scottish Conservative Party welcome this debate today as it gives Parliament its first opportunity to explore this subject since the election in May, [...]


Cod discards - wriggling Minister

Ahead of this years TACs and quotas discussions, much energy being spent on cod stocks with a great deal of focus on the discards of those stocks.
Most people in the industry know that excessive discards can be minimized by the use of the right technologies and that the impact on stocks can also be minimized [...]

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