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Angel Shark Protected

THE Angel Shark has been awarded protection in English waters under the Wildlife & Countryside Act.
In December 2006 the Angel Shark was declared extinct in the North Sea and is listed as “critically endangered.” From April this year it will become illegal to target, kill, or injure an Angel shark within six nautical miles of [...]


Back attacking the dogs

Mike Park, the executive chairman of the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association, said today that it would be difficult to argue against the case for more protection for dogfish.
he believes the 5% bycatch limit is at the extreme end of the scale and thinks there is the case for looking at the possibility of adjusting [...]


M&J Seafood to stop sale of shark

M&J Seafood has announced that it will no longer be supplying shark as of the end of March.
The decision to remove all shark from its frozen and fresh product portfolio comes as part of what the company says are its continued efforts to support sustainable sourcing and champion underutilised species.
The company says that with the [...]


Commons defeat for SNP

An SNP-led bid to return responsibility for fisheries and marine conservation to national control was defeated in Westminster after a debate which secured the cross-party backing of 175 MPs.
Mr Rumbles MSP (LD) said “The EU Treaty proposed no changes to competence over fisheries. Marine conservation has always been an exclusive competence of the European Union.” [...]


SSACN Holyrood Event and Debate

27th Feb - a key date & place for Scotland’s sea anglers.
SSACN are holding a lunchtime Event in the Parliament building.
Sea Angling will be debated in the Holyrood Debating Chamber.
At the SSACN Event, hosted by John Scott MSP, we shall be showing excerpts from a video we have made to illustrate how sea anglers provide [...]


Solway trawler fleet owner fined £472000

Dumfries and Galloway firm TN Trawlers, owned by Tom Nicholson of Annan, admitted a total of 26 offences which broke European regulations controlling catches of specified species of fish and owner.
He was ordered to pay £472,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act and given six months to raise the cash or face a jail term. [...]


A new management policy for The Wash

Although The Wash is not in Scotland, one can easily see the parallels.
Wildlife and fishermen in The Wash are to benefit from a new agreement to improve shellfish management and protect the natural environment within The Wash - an internationally important area for marine wildlife.
Over-fishing contributed to a collapse in shellfish stocks in the early [...]


Blinded by self interest ?

ONLY about 4% of the world’s oceans remain undamaged by human activity, according to the first detailed global map of human impacts on the seas.
An international team of scientists in the built a complex model to handle large amounts of information on 17 different human threats.
They divided the world’s oceans into 1km-square sections, examined all [...]


Fight ‘em on the beaches

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) today criticised Whitehall proposals to tackle the thousands of tonnes of waste littering beaches in England and Wales, but welcomed the plans from the Scottish Government.
Last week, the Governments closed their consultations on introducing the revised European Bathing Water Directive, due to become UK law on March 24th.
Each Government has [...]

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