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You can have your cod

And eat it too !!! Young’s Seafood - the biggest seafood company in the UK is to put North Sea cod back on the menu two years after it stopped doing so due to concerns about the stocks.
Fisheries secretary Richard Lochhead said: “This vote of confidence by Young’s is another illustration of the successful partnership [...]


Quota discussion highlights

Unsurprisingly final discussions at the EC Fisheries Council in Brussels have resulted in a reprieve from the ‘effective total closure’ proposed for the langoustine and whitefish fishermen on the West coast.
Fishermen will be allowed to continue fishing for prawns and whitefish providing they adopt several conservation measures, including  more selective nets, real-time closures of fishing [...]


Marine Bill - Environmental Assessment

The Scottish Marine Bill SEA Environment Report is now available for comment and we would be grateful for your views. The deadline for submitting comments is 23 Jan 2009.
The Report, the Non Technical Summary  and details on how to respond can be found here.


Irish white fish stocks in trouble

STOCKS of cod, whiting and haddock are still in trouble, despite an improvement in the health of fishing stocks in Irish waters.
Cod stocks have “virtually collapsed” in the Irish Sea, a report warns, while stocks of cod, whiting and haddock are “severely depleted” in Irish fishing grounds west of Scotland.
And the Marine Institute says the [...]


Norway and the EU agree to

A bilateral fisheries agreement for 2009 to resolve issues around fish discards with the objective being to minimize and then eradicate discards before 2012.
The key parts of the agreement - the EU is to introduce a ban on high grading from 2009; a joint Working Group which develop and implement Real Time Closures & Seasonal [...]


Elasmobranchs TAC updates

Following on from the meeting with Mr Lochhead we had some brief discussions with the Marine Directorate (MD) regarding Scotland’s position regarding the EU shark, skate and ray proposals for this months CFP talks. If successful this will mean by next week :

Rays - 25% reduction in TAC on rays and introduction of a 25% [...]


SSACN meeting with Mr Lochhead

A Scottish first - A Fisheries Minister prepared to meet and listen to sea anglers. SSACN held their first ever meeting with the man at the top - Cabinet Secretary Lochhead - on Thursday. It has taken 4 years to get to this point but our general feeling following the meeting was very positive, in [...]


Sustainable seas for all RIA

A Partial Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in relation to the proposals within “Sustainable Seas for All - a consultation on Scotland’s first marine bill” is now available for comment. It provides information on the options discussed and the probable impact and cost of these options. Download it from here.
The final RIA, which will be published [...]

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