Small boat living

Gordon Morrison is a poet who writes in Doric, a language of the North East of Scotland.

Back in the 80s when the Government of the time ended the Three Mile Fishing Limit he felt that as a result there would be no future for the Small Inshore Boat Fishing sector as they were powerless to protect where they fished.

He wrote a poem  to highlight that - ‘Smaa Boats Livvin’ and it may be found here on YouTube.

Gordon concludes with the following : (my translation – so all errors are mine alone)

Big boats come inshore
and rip the ground bare
they take all the fish
and the feeding they scare
a small boats living
how long will it last
a matter of time
it will be a thing of the past

Most anglers will find it easy to identify with both the decline of the fishing and the lack of any power to do anything to protect where they fish.

Gordon Morrison is the author of Thi Lyfe an Tymes o an Enshoar Loon – it’s written in Doric and contains stories and poems of the experiences of the Author’s time in the inshore fishing off the north east coast of Scotland.

Gordon is here on Facebook.

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