A realistic sized MPA

Deep-sea-coralA stretch of the Atlantic Ocean that includes more than two dozen undersea coral canyons will become the largest marine protected area (MPA) ever.

The MPA has been established in U.S. Atlantic waters by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council.

The 38,000-square-mile zone encompasses waters at the edge of the continental shelf, from Virginia to Massachusetts, and includes 27 deep sea canyons, some of which are nearly 100 miles long and are as deep as the Grand Canyon. Their steep walls are excellent habitat for a rich array of coral species that thrive in cold Atlantic waters.

The new protections will shield rare, vulnerable, and ecologically important coral communities from bottom fishing and trawling — a highly destructive practice that involves dragging nets along the ocean floor, often destroying thousand-year-old coral communities in the process.

Again something the Scottish Government should take note of – iddy bits and pieces where destructive commercial practices are still allowed are not the answer.

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